Surveillance and Detection

Large work and industrial sites such as warehouses and oil and gas refineries can substantially benefit from streamlined industrial monitoring, surveillance and site security. You need to ensure the safety of your employees, their belongings and your inventory.

Unfortunately, we no longer live in a secure environment. With increased threats of terrorism, hate crimes and theft of raw and precious materials, you can’t place a cap on the level of security systems you can install.

Industrial sites are big, which means you need to have experts comes in to adequately and proficiently analyze and evaluate blind spots and provide a comprehensive layout of how you can completely secure your site.

This is where TopEye comes. We excel in providing state of the art surveillance and monitoring solutions to all manner of businesses. We understand how risky it has become to manufacture and store critical inventory. This is precisely why we are the right fit for your establishment. We have the expertise and the resources to devise the best surveillance layout for your site, swerving it in the best possible direction.

We engage in in-depth assessment of your plant or warehouse and operate within the budget specified. Our professionals work ceaselessly to ensure all your security specifications are met with streamlined efficiency and effectiveness.

Surveillance and Detection

Nothing is more important than an automated tracking and detection system. This is the only way you will be able to mitigate monitoring expenses. Smart surveillance systems can enhance situation detection and theft monitoring.

Our innovative security systems are designed to keep you in the loop of all that goes on. Our systems track and record every event in real time, instantly notifying the owner and police as soon as our security professionals see any suspicious or unauthorized activity. Our detection and monitoring systems are designed for:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Monitoring
  • Perimeter Security
  • Facilities Monitoring
  • Remote Surveillance

A professionally installed video surveillance system can envelope a wide range of benefits including:

  • Minimized break-ins/thefts
  • Indoor and outdoor employee monitoring and protection
  • Building security
  • Remote surveillance of the entire facility via smart devices
  • Alarm systems to deter unauthorized individuals and trespassers

TopEye uses the best of the best in security tech when it comes to intrusion detection.We have burglar alarm systems that go off instantly when someone trespasses your property. We have some of the best access control solutions and RFID systems for preventing any type of loss both inside and outside your facility.

TopEye has a team of highly trained and experienced security management professionals that perform a thorough analysis of your site and implement the right security practices to secure your personnel and your site.

We become a one-stop-solution. TopEye has provided topnotch security and monitoring installations to some of the most prominent businesses in the US. We have and never will compromise on the quality and efficiency of service.