Nothing is more important than having a reliable and trustworthy base of employees.

Nothing is more important than having a reliable and trustworthy base of employees. But how can you be sure that hiring a particular employee won’t end up badly? The answer isyou will never know until and unless you get a thorough background check done. This is where [Insert Name] comes in. We excel in providing a comprehensive range of pre-employee background checks that entail a wide array of factors. These include the employee’s legal documents, his educational documents, and his references and of course whether or not he has a criminal background.

We will help ensure that the people you plan on hiring do not have any avenue to misrepresent themselves and lie about their previous employments and/or experience. Potential candidates for employment that have a negative credit scores and are trapped in a huge vortex of debt can adversely affect the operational efficiency of your business. Not to mention they also pose a threat to your customers.

Even potential employees that have a bad driving rap sheet can also determine certain risks that you must know about.

Why TopEye ?

Hiring people can be comparable to nature in the sense that nothing is always as it seems. The day is clear one second and secondly it begins to rain cats and dogs, totally getting your unprepared. In hiring, unless you don’t screen the potential candidate thoroughly, you will never know what his professional life has been all about. A good resume is not always a testament to the personality and professionalism of the employee in question.

This is why you should rely on us to provide you with a full report on who you should and who you shouldn’t hire. We don’t just scratch the surface, we dive in deep and we try to uncover anything and everything shady about a pre-employee. We check for applicant and resume deception; we cross-reference his professional experience and reveal hidden problems.

Our background check solutions are fast, reliable and precision based. We have flexible and competitively priced packages for all manner of businesses. We incorporate the use of the best innovations and relevant information to help you hire the best candidates.

Results You can Depend On

Irrespective of the size of your business or the extent of your background screening procedure, [Insert Name], we have a broad base of on-demand employee background screening programs and apps that has helped us cater to hundreds of powerful businesses across the US.

We have a knack of transcending client expectations and our procedures and solutions are designed to meet your specifications.

The Best Criminal Background Screening Technology

Our criminal background procedure involves state of the art technology and applications. We have the resources to conduct a thorough check using both national and local sources in search for any type of criminal records of the people you are planning to hire. As soon as any criminal activity is determined, we immediately validate the data and the source. Once his/her criminal record is legally verified, we update you with his files.